Sunday, July 10, 2016

Somme, Paris and back to the Somme for a few 1914 veterans

A candidate for duty in Paris from my family - 1914 Mons Star, and bar awarded to "those who served the requisite period under fire" 
In July 1916...  Out of this tense life were suddenly chosen an officer and twenty men to form part of the contingent representing our armies at the French review in Paris on the 14th July. They were chiefly veterans of 1914, and under Captain J. S. N. FitzGerald, then of the 2nd Battalion [Irish Guards], repaired to a bright clean city where a man could hold up his head, walking in unchoked streets between roofed and glazed houses: and the day after the glittering affair was over they returned to their brick-heaps and burrows in the Flanders mire. - Kipling

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