Sunday, November 20, 2016

Maricourt (Somme) - with the Irish Guards

"What do you think of my big house?"

"The Battalion was relieved by the 2nd Grenadiers at midnight (16th November), but were not clear till morning, when they crawled back to camp between Carnoy and Montauban, packed forty men apiece into the icy-chill Nissen huts, supposed to hold thirty, and were thankful for the foul warmth of them. Thence they moved into unstable tents on the outskirts of Méaulte, on the Bray road, where the wind funnels from all parts of the compass, and in alternate snow, rain, and snow again, plumbed the deeps of discomfort. When frost put a crust on the ground they drilled; when it broke they cleaned themselves from mud; and, fair or foul, did their best to “improve” any camp into which fortune decanted them." (Kipling)

Monday, October 24, 2016

24 October 1916 - With the Irish Guards

Field Post Office: 24 October 1916
"I saw Fred yesterday, you know, the Coldstream, and he told me he had some money left to him..."

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

TheCityUK sets out post-Brexit industry vision for future growth & success

A new report, released today by TheCityUK, sets out a future vision for the UK-based financial and related professional services industry to ensure its long-term growth and success. As an international leader, the industry starts from a strong position.

However, as it becomes more global, competitive and technology fuelled, and with added headwinds from a pending Brexit, the report warns that complacency is not an option. The structural challenges facing the industry must be addressed now and new opportunities created or its competitive advantage, and the continued attractiveness of the UK, could be challenged.

TheCityUK report, UK financial and related professional services: meeting the challenges and delivering opportunities, lays out a comprehensive framework for the industry to deliver innovation, be more resilient and better skilled, identifying five broad areas for focus. Given the importance of the industry to the wider economy, it also makes clear the need for industry to work collaboratively with policymakers and regulators across these areas to bring forward policies that support and drive growth.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Somme, Paris and back to the Somme for a few 1914 veterans

A candidate for duty in Paris from my family - 1914 Mons Star, and bar awarded to "those who served the requisite period under fire" 
In July 1916...  Out of this tense life were suddenly chosen an officer and twenty men to form part of the contingent representing our armies at the French review in Paris on the 14th July. They were chiefly veterans of 1914, and under Captain J. S. N. FitzGerald, then of the 2nd Battalion [Irish Guards], repaired to a bright clean city where a man could hold up his head, walking in unchoked streets between roofed and glazed houses: and the day after the glittering affair was over they returned to their brick-heaps and burrows in the Flanders mire. - Kipling

Monday, February 1, 2016

1916 - With the Irish Guards

Cards marked 1 and 2. - No Postmarks: 1916

"This card shows a company of Germans marching through the town"

"The mayor of the town being taken away by the Germans for the good behaviour of the town"

"The man who took this would have been shot if the Germans had caught him"