Tuesday, October 14, 2014

14 October 1914 (1) - With the Irish Guards

Postmark: Army Post Office 14 October 1914

"Cpl Seaman, Irish Guards... write and let me know if your money arrived... I can see about it as we are a long way from the fighting at present"

Corporal is underlined twice in the card - a promotion.  

"The opposing lines had been locked now for close upon a month and, as defences elaborated themselves, all hope of breaking-through vanished....  Orders came to the Battalion on Sunday, October 11, to be prepared to move at short notice, and new clothes were issued to the men, but they did not hand over their trenches to the French till the 13th October, when they marched to Perles in the evening and entrained on the 14th at Fismes a little after noon, reaching Hazebrouck." (The Irish Guards in the Great War, Kipling).

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