Monday, August 11, 2014

August 1914 - With the Irish Guards

Photo taken in 1914.  Used as a postcard from the front line in June 1915
My great grandfather, Arthur Seaman, joined the Irish Guards on 1st December 1903.  He returned to civilian life briefly before being recalled to the regiment when the Kaiser's army invaded Belgium.

Arthur sent this postcard to my great grandmother in June 1915.  It is a photograph of the regiment taken at Wellington Barracks in London.

Rudyard Kipling's The Irish Guards in the Great War provides the context: "Mobilization was completed on August 8. Next day, being Sunday, the Roman Catholics of the Battalion paraded under the Commanding Officer, Lieut.Colonel the Hon. G. H. Morris, and went to Westminster Cathedral where Cardinal Bourne preached; and on the morning of the 11th August Field-Marshal Lord Roberts and Lady Aileen Roberts made a farewell speech to them in Wellington Barracks." 

My great grandfather wrote on the back the card, "3/4 of these chaps will never come home."  

I will be sharing other cards of his on the 100th anniversary of their posting.  

Quis Separabit / Up the Micks!

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