Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dispute resolution briefing at the IBA in Dublin

This week, we’re joining with UKTIthe Law Society and the Bar Council to promote Unlocking Disputes and UK legal services at the International Bar Association’s annual conference in Dublin. We took the opportunity to hold a briefing on UK dispute resolution – kindly hosted by Citibank Europe at the Citi Innovation Lab. The event drew a standing-room-only crown of global legal talent. 
The briefing looked at the reasons behind why a successful legal system was an essential basis for a thriving financial services sector and how this tied in to the TheCityUK’s overseas agenda, including our agreements of with emerging financial centres.
Khawar Qureshi QC, Chairman of TheCityUK Legal Services and Dispute Resolution Group, skilfully moderated an hour-long presentation and question and answer session on the reasons why businesses choose London and English law. He drew on statistics that will be published later this year by TheCityUK in our updated Dispute Resolution report showing the sector’s strength.    
The whole range of dispute resolution options was covered during the hour, including arbitrationlitigation and mediation. The key role provided by forensic accounting services was also emphasised. Importantly, the discussion led by Mr Qureshi did not shy away from the more controversial issues concerning London, including the need to keep costs competitive and to provide bespoke services to international clients. He was supported by speakers from the floor who used their own experience to highlight points from his presentation and commentary, all showing the depth and breadth of expertise available from ‘Legal London’.
The audience included lawyers from Turkey, Russia, China, Brazil, India and Ukraine as well from the Middle East, Africa and the EU. They viewed the Unlocking Disputes video that features the new commercial court complex at the Rolls Building and the English judiciary – whose expertise and incorruptibility are essential to the success of the legal services sector.