Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bin the Chip 'n Bin

"Tim Haire, deputy chairman of Cambridge Conservatives, said “bin snoopers” would not be welcome in the city."

Quite right.

Councillors want to know if they can put microchips in your bin that check usage and 'reward' good behaviour. What would happen? Well, the nasty neighbour's rubbish will end up in your bin unless you keep the bin under lock and key, or they'll just do a bit of decorative fly-tipping. A whole new council business of bin-monitoring, bin-theft counselling and petty crime against bins will be born.

The odd defence of including the "chip'n bin" in the survey offered by the City Council was that they know it is unpopular, it is not a preferred option, but they included it anyway. For the curious the survey can be found here.

The interesting questions are...

In order to implement a reward scheme it might be necessary for the bins to have microchips. The microchip would identify your bin so that points could be awarded based on the amount you recycle. Would you be interested in taking part in such a scheme? TICK ONE ONLY

No I would not want to take part
Yes I would take part but I don’t think I would recycle more
Yes I would take part and it would encourage me to recycle more
Other (Please specify in the box below)

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  1. Oh no, I've just realised my mistake: I answered the last question with the Daily Telegraph when I obviously should have said Guardian if I wanted my answers to be taken into account and not ignored...

  2. See http://philrodgers.wordpress.com/2011/12/19/cambridge-opinion-on-bins-with-microchips/ for some analysis of the results of the survey.