Sunday, August 7, 2011

Flat.Earth's Anti-Bus Timetable.

A letter for the local paper on Cast.Iron's propaganda piece published by the Cambridge News.

Dear Sir,

I notice that Cast.Iron have been given yet more editorial space (CEN, August 5th.) for yet another attack on the guided bus.

Tim Phillips is quoted as saying that the railway journey from Huntingdon to Cambridge took 38 minutes in 1869 whilst the bus journey on the guided busway would take 71 minutes.

The passenger service from Huntingdon to Cambridge was operated by the Midland Railway before the First World War. I happen to have a replica of their 1903 timetable. So I looked it up.

The service consisted of three trains a day. One stopped at all stations and took 53 minutes. The other two took 38 minutes - but did not stop at any stations between St. Ives and Cambridge. Passenger trains did not have brakes on every coach in 1869 and would undoubtedly have been slower.

Then I looked at my Cambridge Busway timetable. Service A will go from Huntingdon bus station to Cambridge New Square in 36 minutes. Three times an hour.

It would seem that, not for the first time, Tim Phillips has been flexible with the facts.

Yours sincerely,

James Strachan


  1. Dear James,

    Good to hear from you again since you put your head down after failing as a City Council Candidate.

    I don't know if your County chums are feeding you false information to encourage you to start making barmy comments again, but my copy of Timetable A clearly shows Huntingdon to Cambridge is 1 hour 6 mins, slower than even the stopping train service 100 years ago.

    Perhaps you should put your head back below the parapet.

    Tim Phillips

  2. Not sure if you are refusing my previous post or if it is still awaiting approval, but FYI Timetable A's timing Huntingdon to Cambridge is 1 hour 6 mins, slower even than the stopping train 100 years ago.

  3. James,

    Please provide links to back up your statements otherwise you will held to be 'being flexible with the facts'.