Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sainsbury's is Tesco, Discuss...

News of Sainsbury's plan to take over the rather dire pool hall in Mill Road - yes, I have been there, played pool and left as soon as I could - is raising the ire of the anti-chain shop activists in the area.

Of course, we have seen some odd planning decisions.

Tesco - alcohol licence turned down for East Road when, "Waitrose was granted a licence round the corner in Fitzroy Street."

Tesco - alcohol licence turned down for Mill Road store when earlier, it was a non-Tesco shop that was slammed for selling to drunks in Mill Road.

And while I am at, remember the Mill Road Co-op with some Keep Mill Road Shops Independent platitude posters displayed, when the Co-op is also national chain? (nb. because it is a right-on, holier-than-thou, "ethical" chain, it gets a bye from the local protestors). When we have a commitee to campaign against the Co-op national chain, take the Mill Road store's licence away and halve the shop's square footage, I'll take the 'anti-chain' protestors seriously. Until then... "Hypocrites".

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  1. The coop in Mill Road has been there since the very development of Romsey itself. It is a very real part of the unique and special history and development of Romsey. It is owned by its members, and managed via democratic processes, any member can stand for election to its board. If there was any substance to your party's supposed enthusiasm for the "Big Society" the coop would be the perfect exemplar.