Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Nanny Nonsense on Cigarettes

The Health Secretary should tell his ministry to stick to the big picture, the plan to reform the NHS, and stop fretting about the little ones on packs of cigarettes.

Headlines like, “Plain packets' law to strip cigarettes of their glamour”, are just infuriating. The people who buy cigarettes now are not the ones in the 1920s with only a dim awareness that they might not be good for you. We have had years of school-based information, public information campaigns on TV and radio (and no product advertising), and lectures by doctors and politicians to tell us it’s just not a good thing to smoke.

If people want to buy cigarettes these days it is not because they were inspired by the pictures on the packets.

I don’t smoke. I like those two words: “personal responsibility”. They sound much better than “nanny”, don’t they?

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