Thursday, February 3, 2011

Time for Somaliland

The referendum for the partition of Sudan was a watershed as it went directly against the long-held view of the African Union, and previously the OAU, that African states were indivisible.

If Southern Sudan is good enough for international recognition then it is high time that the former British Somaliland territory gets its just deserts (in both senses) and seats at the UN and within the Commonwealth.


  1. Only few words sum's up this debate, who should take the lead? EU, USA, UN, AU, IGAD, SOMALIA? There seems to be confusion of who is responsible.
    Somaliland's recognition has become 'Ask them not me'.
    South sudan situation was suppose to be Pandora's box for Africa, but somaliland is different, somaliland was recognised as a full country well for at least 4 days in 1960.

  2. Yes, some leadership is required. The Germans were very prompt in leading the recognition of Croatia in the 90's... but that helped to stoke the Yugoslav civil war. So maybe not them. South Africa or Nigeria would be the best candidates for an African nation. And if Taiwan were to do it then the People's Republic of China would want to move in... The Somaliland leaders should book trips to Taipei in 2011 and Peking in 2012.