Thursday, February 10, 2011

News From A Good Cause

Dear Richard,

Thank you for your support to our Every Child Belongs in School campaign! By sharing our films throughout your network, making tribute gifts in honour of friends and family and donating so generously, you helped us raise £550,000—enough money to send 41,866 children to school. This is an incredible step toward fighting poverty and AIDS in Africa in 2011.

Through our film series, we introduced you to Katumi, a girl in Ghana who left home at age 13 to work as a street porter in a dangerous and exploitative environment. However, with the help of Camfed supporters like you, she was able to return home and enrol in secondary school.

This week, Camfed Ghana Executive Director Dolores Dickson spoke to Katumi to share how many people watched her story (more than 120,000) and learn how she was doing in school. “I am so proud that people all over the world now know me,” Katumi said. “In school my favourite subjects are economics and mathematics, and I compete on the track team as a long distance runner.” She’s also helping lead a girls’ club that works to help younger children stay in school.

“A door opened to me through Camfed, and I now have the opportunity to fulfil my dreams and become a nurse,” she said. “I am trying to be a role model to the girls in my community who do not have anyone to look up to. I tell them they can make it in life if they believe in themselves.”

This year, we are expanding our programmes in Ghana and working to help thousands more girls like Katumi go to school. And you can help in a very simple way. Share this email with your friends and family and spread the word that girls’ education is turning the tide on poverty in rural Africa.

Thank you so much for your support.
Warm regards,

Ann Cotton, OBE
Executive Director, Camfed International

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