Monday, February 21, 2011

Hitting the County’s Nail on the Head

In his struggle to understand how a Tory council could countenance the kind of cuts that hit the library service disproportionately, the article in Conservative Home by John Bald, a Cambridgeshire blogger says everything you need to know about the county council’s management:

“The Council has either let the officials write the first draft, or else has not written a strong enough draft itself. Officials are not, for the most part, Conservatives. Neither are they, for the most part, corrupt. But they are politicians, just as much as elected members are, and they have their own agenda. This package of cuts keeps their castle intact. If it makes the councillors look bad, well, the flack goes with the territory.”

Yes, that’s it.

As the Conservative Group looks to elect a new leader, let us hope that we get one of the Emily Blatch type and not a civil servant-led timeserver of the kind who supported Labour’s Congestion Charge for Cambridge.

1 comment:

  1. We need a County Council leader who can stand up to the officers.

    It is notorious that it is officers who take the decisions at County Hall.