Saturday, February 26, 2011

Forwards with FG

With exit polls showing the left has not made a breakthrough in the Irish Republic, the winning party's manifesto shows that a centre-right party can win on the commitment to put the public services right. Subsitute 'Conservatives' for 'Fine Gael' and you get the gist...

Smaller, Better Government.

Services you need are prioritised over back-room waste

Our public sector is too large, too inefficient and too expensive. Fine Gael will improve the quality of public services by prioritising frontline services - that’s teachers, health professionals, GardaĆ­, Local Authority services etc, and will streamline systems, eliminate red tape and waste and managers will be accountable.

The outdated and inefficient annual budget system will be replaced with an open and transparent system to manage the nation’s finances.

Fine Gael’s Public Sector Strategy will reduce the cost of the Public Sector by 10% over the next four years. This will save €5bn by eliminating waste and abolishing 145 quangos. We estimate 30,000 administrative and bureaucratic positions can be eliminated by natural wastage, voluntary redundancy and relocation to create a better, more efficient and more customer focused public service...

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