Saturday, January 22, 2011

Our Transport Future - Not

The Congestion Charge taliban are at it again, this time with the website on Our Transport Future.

The "charge and spend" philosophy at its heart, and the spy-technology at its centre are two wrongs which certainly don't add up to a right. I would give them full marks for not censoring the comments section which pretty much make all the points that one needs to.

The gaping hole in the county's transport policy is the A14. Many councillors voted for the Guided Bus because they were told by the government that if there was no bus then there would be no upgrade. To paraphrase Brutus, not that they loved the Guided Bus, but they wanted the A14 more. And they got nothing.

If they want to be radical, why not call for a new A14 lane for high occupancy vehicles funded under the private finance initiative/ppp?

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