Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Common Sense Plans for Parking

Conservative Home reports, "Ministers are today removing national planning restrictions put in place in 2001 that required councils to limit the number of parking spaces allowed in new residential developments and set high parking charges to encourage the use of alternative modes of transport,"


Cambridge is blighted by developments that do not have enough parking. The net result - places that looks like "Ed's Hot Car Lot" - is the consequence of reality bumping into the eco-zealotry of our own City Council and their sympathisers in the County Council's inglorious transportation department.

I hope the elected members of the latter will note: "these rules unfairly penalised drivers, led to over-zealous parking enforcement, and increased unsightly on-street parking."

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  1. Quite.

    It seems that County transport officers have taken the view that their job is to manage traffic out of Cambridge until grass grows in the streets.

    It has not occurred to them, or they do not care, that this will destroy businesses and shops in Cambridge.

    County councillors should recognise that Cambridge is an essential centre for Cambridgeshire. Cambridgeshire will not prosper if Cambridge is held back.