Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Coleridge By-Election this Thursday

Looking at the parties....

Conservative. The City Conservative site has a summary of the Bower campaign, with its key themes.

Labour. The party holding the other seats in the ward chose a very controversial young student who lives somewhere in the centre of town. Odd. If I were picking a candidate to take on the local Tory campaigner Andy Bower it would not be a student on short course but an established resident with decent community work credentials.

Lib Dems. Their candidate is one step closer to credibility by living in the ward but, like Labour, remarkably little commitment shown earlier and - by trailing in a poor third place the last time this seat was contested - suffering a different kind a credibility gap. It could be that their outdoor poster campaign is being vandalised, like the Tory one, but we should have been festooned with orange by now. Looks like their B-team are doing this one.

UKIP. Even further down the pointless vote section than the Lib Dem. This is a local election so being UKIP is about as useful as being 'Forward to Mars'. If you doubt this then visit Ramsey where a UKIP'er is in place and whose effectiveness can be judged in inverse proportion to his press coverage.

Green. It's Cambridge, so there is always one of these. Abbey ward has a good helping of them. Polite and honourable campaigners but quite bonkers when it comes to anything to do with the economy.

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