Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Residents’ Parking Quandry for City’s Lib Dems

What do you do when a community is divided over residents’ parking?

The Lib Dems usually try to come to a balanced response, by saying one thing in one ward and another elsewhere. However the parking crisis shows a clear division within one ward.

What will they do?

Based on previous form I think they will hit the ‘New Tax’ button.

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  1. Yes, Lib Dem councillors are on the horns of a dilemma and feeling the pain.

    But, unfortunately, they have been working with pro controls residents for over a year. They would find it very difficult to renege on their commitments.

    So it will be the "New Tax" button.

    They will be urged on by County Council officers who see resident's parking as (a) a means to discourage people bringing cars into Cambridge and (b) a way to extract money from residents.

    Papers prepared for County Council meetings show that officers would like to raise resident's parking charges with an aspiration to charge £1,000 per year per car.

    Eric Pickles needs to have a word with them. I can't mention the word.