Friday, August 27, 2010

Putting a Sock in Heathcock

Ed's letter puts a 'rent-a-quote' in his place...

Non-doms are out of Lords

I WAS bemused by Geoff Heathcock’s call for the prosecution of Tory peers living abroad (Letters,August 17). I realise Lib Dems need no excuse for self-righteousness, but my local councillor fails to realise not only that non-domiciled peers were forced out of the Lords earlier this year, but also that there is nothing illegal about the non-dom status.

If Mr Heathcock needs educating about the concept of legality, I suggest as a case study the £2.4 million accepted by the Lib Dems from Michael Brown, a convicted fraudster who lived in Spain and was not even eligible to vote. They still haven’t paid it back.

Edward Turnham
Queen Edith’s Way

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