Sunday, August 8, 2010

Beer Festival Roundup

The Great British Beer Festival was another success. Cambridgeshire ales were well represented, however the place for tasting them is the Cambridge beer festival!

There were three work-related beers to consider: Proper Job, Belt'n Braces and Entrepreneur.

The favourites this year were Hertfordshire Red Squirrel brewery's Colorado American IPA and Northern Ireland's Whitewater with its Crown and Glory.

The Colorado showed how an American-style IPA with the very strong hops can be improved. First, proper cask-conditioning means that you don't have the over-carbonation associated with US beers. Second, the ale can be sold at a temperature where the taste can emerge naturally and not with the flavour fighting it out with the iceberg coldness so loved across the pond.

For Crown and Glory, it was a superb pint and one bought with some trepidation as the Irish on both sides of the border do not have a reputation for real ale. Well, they do now in the north. It was a fantastic beer from Ulster.

One last worthy mention goes to the Channel Islands' Liberation Ale, pictured here. Don't be put off by the picture of a foaming pint. They use over-size glasses so customers pay for beer, not froth.

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