Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Time for a 'Tea Party' Over Residents’ Parking?

Oh, what a surprise. When a public body introduces a charge and tells you that there are ‘no plans’ to increase it or it is designed to be ‘revenue neutral’ – Run!

The taxes to be levied on the American colonies in the 1760’s were minimal but the inhabitants of British North America knew that if they allowed Whitehall to introduce them at all then it would be the thin edge of a financially heavy wedge. The Americans had a 'tea party' in Boston as part of the protest. Maybe some residents here should check their tea caddies for future use?


  1. A fundamental principle of residents' parking is that the charge is only to cover costs. It is not meant to be a tax. Increasing the charge to raise money is a breach of trust with the residents who consented to and requested the schemes.

    If this change is to go ahead then affected residents should be balloted about removing their local schemes.

  2. This applies with particular force to the De Freville area where LD councillors are trying to impose resident's parking to suit a very vocal clique in Pretoria Road.

    A leaflet signed by Kevin Wilkins claims that "charges are necessary to cover the enforcement of the parking controls".

    That does not seem to be the intention of officers.

  3. And now officer's ambitions spread wider.

    See the CEN today - controls all around Milton Road.