Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rubber Plant in 'White Elephant' Transport Row

Cambridge's MP has declared the Guided Bus to be a 'White Elephant' and once again attacked plans to upgrade the notorious A14 motorway.

In any other part of the UK, the Lib Dems would be whining for more public transport. Here, they complain that it is the wrong kind of public transport.

I agree with Councillor Roy Pegram (who supported the Lib Dem/Labour nonsense of a Cambridge Congestion charge) that in this case, “The busway will help reduce the number of cars needing to drive into the city centre, which is exactly what Mr Huppert wants.”

For those with long memories, the reason that many councillors voted for the Guided Bus was because the Labour government said that unless they did so there would be no upgrading of the A14.


  1. Labour tried to same sort of blackmail over the congestion charge too - although some of us said the money would never arrive and we were agreeing to their crazy scheme for nothing. And as it turned out we were right about that!

    Of course, not all of us voted for the Congestion Charge even despite the promised money.

  2. Well done for voting against congestion charging, Steve! Unlike Coleridge's Labour county councillor who voted for it shortly after being elected by campaigning against what he called the "Tory Congestion Charge"...

  3. As far as I can tell its long been the Lib Dems position to oppose pretty much all forms of improvement in transport capacity in Cambridgeshire. Their preferred approach is 'demand management' - to persuade people to just not use transport instead of increasing transport capacity - they support measures like congestion charging and building new developments with insufficient car parking, insufficient cycle parking, and lack of transport corridors for roads, cycleways or public transport.

    Its difficult to imagine a more short sighted approach - not only is there the obvious problem that Cambridgeshire becomes a worse place for companies to start and grow, but it makes it almost impossible to persuade existing residents that more housing is a good idea, if the direct consequence is new taxes to travel on more congested roads, and longer journey times. What a disaster for Cambridge our new Lib Dem MP is turning out to be.