Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Good, the Bad and the Local Labour

The local Labour party must think I am a swing voter because they have delivered the same leaflet to my house twice. The other possibility is that they have someone new or from outside the area and therefore could not work out if I lived in Perne road or Birdwood.

The good thing about the leaflet was that it contained geniune local content. This contrasts with the Lib Dems round here who think if they slap a "Coleridge" to their generic city-wide puff pieces that counts as local.

The bad was the layout of the leaflet. Too much close-typed stuff ready to make you cross-eyed unless you were a Labour loyalist or political geek (I'm counting myself in the latter group).

The ugly was the section accusing local Tories of badmouthing Labour councillors for not working. Andrew Bower has a very good response here. Mine is to point out the one Tory on the city council has punched well above his weight, swinging away against waste and inertia, and this has put the frightners into his fellow councillors. Good. Competition works.

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