Monday, July 26, 2010

Cuba Needs Democracy, Not Lib Dem "solidarity"

The local Lib Dems have shown their support for the communist-front Cuba Solidarity group. Like the 'useful idiots' of Lennism they miss the basic point about the US sanctions - Cuba is a dictatorship. If the Cubans could have a free vote for political parties of their choice then the blockade would be lifted. "Simples."

My former organisation, the International Democrat Union, welcomed the latest international pressure on the Cuban regime...

Earlier this month the Castro regime, after mediation by the Catholic Church, announced that it would release 52 political prisoners and “allow them” to leave the island. This is a remarkable u-turn by the regime, since Cuba so far denied having any political prisoners at all.

The release and exile of political prisoners didn’t happen because the Castro regime decided to soften its stance. In particular since the untimely death in February of hunger striking political prisoner Orlando Zapata Tamayo, recognized by Amnesty International as a prisoner of conscience, Cuba has come under intense and unprecedented international scrutiny. A recent hunger strike by Guillermo Farinas – for the more humane treatment and immediate release of the most ill political prisoners – increased the pressure on the regime after he was hospitalized in critical condition.

It is of course a positive that a number of political prisoners, jailed under extreme and inhumane conditions, are no longer incarcerated. However, it seems that they were in reality only given the choice between remaining in prison or leaving Cuba. Officially the regime says that the exiled prisoners are free to return, but since the jail sentences are not lifted this not a real choice.

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  1. Well said, Richard.

    I think that now the Lib Dems are playing grown-up politics in Westminister they should really think more carefully about the suitability of the people they choose for local election candidates.

    Giving succour to communist dictators is irresponsibile even for the Liberal Democrats. Perhaps the new Romsey councillor should have stood under the banner of Respect/Left List/'Independent'/Cambridge Socialists who seem his ideological compatriots?