Saturday, May 8, 2010

Local Election Results

Well, the local clashes have finished and are reported here.

My commiserations go to Andy Bower who once again came within hailing distance of the Labour candidate in Coleridge and in process provided the best chance of winning a seat in the city.

I'm sure our Lib Dem rivals will use this result as further 'proof' that electoral reform is needed, as a quarter of the city is represented by a sole councillor. However they miss the point that the current system provides for direct, local representation. Councillors should be directly elected and accountable - which means being able to identify them and sling them out of office even if their party wants them in.

1 comment:

  1. I agree: commiserations to yourself, Nick and Andrew.

    We don't need electoral reform: the voice of the people has, intentionally or not, spoken in favour of a coalition, and it looks like a coalition's what we're going to get.

    Until and unless one of the probable leaders, Clegg or Cameron, demands something that the other's party can't stomach, and we find ourselves fighting another general election. I give it about a year.