Monday, May 17, 2010

King Log, Queen eco-Stork?

Councillor Ian Nimmo-Smith was both leader of the City Council and a rather unwilling commentator on this blog. The news that he is to stand down as the Lib Dem leader would normally tinged with some regret - as I rather liked him on those occasions we met - and be treated with some joy at the prospect of change on the council.

However, it looks like we are moving from the regime of King Log to that of the Queen eco-Stork, with Sian Reid taking Mr Nimmo-Smith's place.

Unlike Mr Nimmo Smith, I have never taken to either of the Lib Dem Reid’s of Newnham and remember a particularly petulant performance by the city councillor during a meeting on the congestion charge/TIF bid. So, if you oppose the congestion charging/poll tax on wheels, support Marshalls staying in Cambridge, want the A14 upgraded and have a scepticism that tells you that tax is not always a good thing… Cllr Reid's regime will be one to watch with wariness.

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  1. A wariness that, I fear, will soon degrade to weariness...