Monday, May 10, 2010

An Advert for Public Private Partnerships

This is for those who think PPP is the work of the devil - it's not!

Please come visit....our website, that is. We know many of you haven't considered how or why the world needs to sort out its massive infrastructure deficit problems over the next 20 years, or why it's important. But it is important, and P3 explains why.

We're also trying to create something of lasting value for people concerned about establishing a sustainable future for our families and our planet. It's also really, REALLY easy to show your support.All you need to do is occasionally visit our website at You can even just click on the URL and it will come up - no need to do a web-search. How easy is that?

While you're visiting, feel free to read the featured articles and the blog. Under the "Introduction to PPP" section, you'll even find an audio presentation featuring the dulcet tones of the managing editor's voice getting his points across in record time. Twitter is also a great way to follow the site and catch news and blogs as they are updated.

Please feel free to join the network at P3PlanetTweet.But most of all, we need visitors. Visitors build traffic, traffic attracts advertisers. Advertisers pay to place their message. It's for a good cause, so why not bookmark the site as well!Thanks for stopping by.


Henry Teitelbaum

Managing Editor, P3 Planet.com

+44 (0)208 451 3632 / +44 (0)781 532 0377

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