Tuesday, May 25, 2010

118 Adds up to 1922

Today’s announcement by David Cameron that the payroll vote will not take part in the election of the officers of the parliamentary party’s backbench ‘1922’ committee is a welcome step.

Every group needs a place to gripe, and the 1922 is as good a venue as any for the parliamentary ‘lobby fodder’ to vent. At the same time, having the front benchers take part in the proceedings – but not voting - is actually helpful as it can delay the onset of ‘ministerialitis’ which is a mixture of agoraphobia, narcissism and delusion that can strike those in the vicinity of red boxes for too long.

Next, we need to see some independent-minded backbenchers in the City and County Council keep their own executives in order (both the officers and some of their more ventriloquist dummy portfolio holders).

1 comment:

  1. The Prime Minister just confirmed that select committee chairmen will be elected by the whole house.

    Will the new leader of the city council now show strength of character and allow opposition councillors to chair scrutiny committees?