Monday, April 26, 2010

Tory Boost Stifled by Cambridge News

Today’s Cambridge News carries an opinion poll – its own online one – showing the Conservatives as the most popular party with local voters. Yet for the second time, the previous being a report on a meeting with businesses, the News quotes the Liberal Democrats as the party of choice for its the 'Over to You'/Vox Pop interviewees.

Come on you lot, get your reporting straight. If you want to be a Lib Dem biased paper then say so. A fair fight is all that is asked for....

Conservative 29.8%
Liberal Democrat 21.3%
Green 14.9%
Labour 11.1%
UKIP 4.8%

Others/Not Voting 14.9%

1 comment:

  1. Hi Richard,

    There have been some amusing moments in the campaign so far, but your suggestion that the Cambridge News is a Lib Dem biased paper is definitely one of my favourites.

    The numbers you quote are for "all the 10 constituencies in the area covered by the News", not just Cambridge - so it's surprising the Conservative vote is as low as 29.8%. But in any case these self-selecting online polls are seldom worth the paper they're written on.

    I don't know of any properly-sampled polls that have been done in the local area; I think there have been some in previous campaigns.