Thursday, April 1, 2010

Marshall Group to Stay in City

This exclusive from the Cambridge News throws yet another spanner into the 'growth agenda' embraced by the Labour government and implemented Labour's 'useful idiots' locally.
Nick Hillman, Andrew Bower and David Willetts visited Marshalls rcently to show support for the company. It was time well spent.

"Sir Michael Marshall, chairman of the Marshall Group, said: “This has been an exhaustive and expensive review process but we needed to be certain any potential relocation would not adversely affect the business, our customers or our employees. That review has now been completed and it is clear that relocation is not a feasible option at this time, but we do not rule out the possibility that circumstances may change again in the future, in which case we would be prepared to reconsider it.”


  1. Great job! Good thinking by Marshall's, powered by your and all the Conservative team's good work.

  2. The real strength of Marshall's, which does not appear on the balance sheet, is the intelligence and experience of their workers.

    Any move would have risked that perhaps half the workers would have had to leave the company.

    So this decision NOT to move is to be welcomed.

    It is also welcome as it puts the final kibosh on plans for housing on the airfield site. These plans were always crazy as there is no infrastructure to support such a development.