Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I'm NOT Standing

The Guardian has me as the Tory candidate for Cambridge... makes you rather doubt the rest of its news content, doesn't it?

Prospective parliamentary candidates
General election 2010
Peter Burkinshaw, UK Independence Party
Julian Huppert, Liberal Democrat
Tony Juniper, Green Party
Richard Normington, Conservative
Daniel Zeichner, Labour
* Incumbent MP


  1. At some point they will fix the link and have Nick Hillman as my successor... do let me know when this happens!

  2. An 'interesting' list of candidates! what a choice, we have the liberal who came 4th in Abbey ward last year (wow) The Unison man who gave a Nazi salute in the Cambridge Union and is a bit of an idiot.
    The Eco Warrior, the King of Witches... etc etc and Nick Hillman, the only normal one of the lot, he has my vote!