Thursday, April 22, 2010

Election Campaigning – Up High, Down Low

For the high politics, The Cambridge News features the candidates’ debate (a phrase I associate with the S & G song Mrs Robinson, but that’s another story).

For a worm's-eye view... so far in my part of Perne Road we have had some Conservative literature, as you would expect; two sets of double shotted labour leaflets (one local, one Westminster, both rather too verbose for my liking and not including the Zeichner Cambridge Union salute); a preposterous Lib Dem leaflet (it was labelled Coleridge but contained not a single statement of local policy, just a rubber tree wannabe puff piece); a pamphlet from the Greens (Mr Juniper is squeezing disaffected Labour and the muesli-wing of the Lib Dems, one to watch from the left perspective, especially when the rubber tree wannabe represents the local Establishment); and a purple-faced rant from UKIP (the pub bore).

We have another two weeks to go…


  1. Lib Dem literature in South Cambs is presenting the contest as "a two-horse race" between us and the Lib Dems, which may not be an unreasonable supposition. So, given Labour's whirlwind romance with the Lib Dems since they twigged that Nick Clegg can string words together and look at a camera, will they be unoficially encouraging their supporters to vote LD in the hope of a hung Parliament?

  2. In West Chesterton, we have had :-

    1 leaflet from UKIP
    2 from the Greens
    3 from Labour
    4 from the Lib Dims

    One of the Lib Dim leaflets was disguised under the title "Cambridge Life". But, since they were lazy enough to use the same photograph on the front page as an official Lib Dim leaflet, this subterfuge was easy to detect.

    No literature yet from the Conservatives.