Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thank you, Julie

Julie Spence took over the Cambridgeshire constabulary from the lamentable Tom Lloyd (I was at an event where he refused to help someone who fell, practically stepping over them, saying there are “other people” whose job it was to assist instead).

Like all good managers Julie can say that she is leaving the organisation in a better condition than she found it. As an outspoken chief constable campaigning for national reforms, especially fairer funding, she ran afoul of the current political establishment. That is probably more a mark of merit than a badge of shame – especially when you compare her with the witless, politically-correct Metropolitan police officers.


  1. Well done CC Spence - enjoy your retirement!

  2. She was right that Cambridgeshire is losing out on its fair share of government funding for policing, just as it is for local government.

    However, I am afraid I am not impressed at the way this constabulary keeps lobbying for changes to legislation and to accrue ever more draconian powers to itself.

    When I see the chief constable's picture in the local paper I expect it to be about foiled criminal plots not political attempts to erode more liberties or criminalise more activities.