Sunday, March 28, 2010

Term Limit Hypocrisy

Earlier this month I met Francisco Santos, the Vice President of Colombia. He told me how under the leadership of President Uribe, Colombia has made great strides in the fight against its narco-terrorists. The Vice President noted how the current President accepted the decision by the Supreme Court that he could not stand for re-election, despite hugely positive poll ratings and a national grass-roots campaign to keep him.
This was a sign of maturity in the Latin American political world but could also apply elsewhere...

Term limits are usually enforced by those ambitious to hold office and ignored by those in office. The hypocrisy comes when the same person who came to power by the limit is the one who leads the campaign to circumvent it.

Those who pursue unconstitutional means to achieve their aims should be thrown out of office.


  1. Interesting post. I've always been a bit suspicious of term limits as being anti-democratic - if someone has the popular support, why shouldn't they have a third term (or whatever). But on the other hand they do promote the dispersal of power, which is a good thing...

  2. Some people will stop at nothing to hang on to power!