Tuesday, March 16, 2010


The attack on a Tory canvasser by a ketchup-wielding leftie loony is covered in Nick Hillman's blog and the Cambridge News.

I am ready to accept that political opponents disagree with me for honest reasons, but there is a marked intolerance on the Left - the nurturers of the 'no platform' schools of politics - to reciprocity on this assumption.

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  1. There seems no evidence that there was any political motivation behind the "attack", let alone that it came from "the left". As the only description of the assailant is a "builder's van", I would have thought it equally plausible that the assailants were followers of UKIP or the BNP. Even more likely that it was a general and apolitical attempt to have a laugh at the expense of a bloke in a suit with a Blackberry. On the other hand, I am not sure what apparatus can be used to hit someone accurately with ketchup from a moving vehicle, so maybe it was an everyday ezample of thoughtless littering and he happened to get in the way.