Friday, March 5, 2010

Chesterton Station Scare

The Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate for Cambridge (the rubber tree wannabe) says he, “has fought for years for the new station as an East Chesterton County Councillor and a member of the East of England Regional Assembly.”

Yes, we all have. It was even in the Tory local government election manifesto that I drafted years ago...

He adds: "'What I want to know, and what people in Cambridge want to know is: Why did the Tories decide to roll the funding for the station in with the doomed TIF bid? What will they do now? Have they completely wrecked our chances of getting a station built soon?"

Well, it is a government priority, as recommended by our euro-inspired layer of regional bureaucracy, the East of England Assembly:

The Assembly has recommended the schemes listed below for funding from the Regional Funding Allocation.

To start before 2013/14

Scheme Name
Chesterton Station

Scheme Description
New rail station in the northern part of Cambridge.

Scheme Promoter

Cambridgeshire County Council

Cost (£m)

Contribution from RFA (£m)

So even our current harebrained government accepts that this needs doing and is ready to come up with the cash. I wonder why the Lib Dems don't draw this to people's attention in their press release?


  1. Good work, Richard.

    I'd like to know when they will publicise more widely their wish in principle to force congestion charging upon us, as articulated by Cllr Harrison on her blog. I suggest we help them get that message across...

  2. No wonder the Lib Dem website doesn't have a feature allowing city residents to comment on their press releases; every one would get comprehensively ripped to shreds in this manner.