Monday, March 8, 2010


is fun for all ages! This team was out in Coleridge yesterday with Nick Hillman (PPC for Cambridge, my successor, holding the 'tree' clipboard). Master Normington saw his sister was allowed to go to the candidates' hustings to support Nick's selection, so he's out in his own supporting role this time.


  1. And a good day it was too - thank you and everybody else!

  2. I am interested to see that the shade of blue used for rosettes seems to have moved from the more traditional royal blue to some sort of turquoise. Was this the result of an expensive consultation exercise or pure accident as to what material was lying around at the time?

  3. David,

    The new blue colour with a supporting green colour was introduced in January 2007 along with the new tree logo.

    See the style guide from the logos page.

    I assume this work wasn't free.