Monday, February 1, 2010

Lib Dem’s “Homophobe” Friendly Fire

“…there are a small minority of people in the party who hold views that I think are unacceptable.”

Er, which party?

The Lib Dem candidate for Huntingdon, Martin Land, had earlier lashed out, “the Tories remain a coalition between the blatantly self-interested, closet racists, and homophobes (not necessarily mutually exclusive categories)…”

But what about his own party?

“Cambridgeshire [Lib Dem] county councillor Kilian Bourke created a group on social networking site Facebook littered with jokes about homosexuality.” … Gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell said: “With homophobic attitudes like these I don’t see how he can possibly represent his lesbian and gay constituents. These gratuitous anti-gay insults render him unfit for public office.”
No party has the monopoly on “virtue”. I try to judge parties on what the 90-95 per cent of the membership believe, not the odd five to ten per cent. Also let’s judge people on what they have done recently and not what they were doing at school or as students or what their friends have got up to.

So, Lib Dems… does Cllr Bourke stay or should he go?

Whatever the decision, only Liberal Democrats could be harmed in the course of Martin Land's next public statement.


  1. Richard,

    I think you may have missed that the comments are in fact contemporary - they appear to have been written by the Romsey Lib Dem Councillor on Facebook, and are still available in google cache. He is a group creator for "Romsey 27 - The Legacy" and the group info says:

    "Members may choose to exchange anecdotes about their "time in 27"; alternately they may ridicule all and sundry with their dazzling repertory of scathing insults, such as: "That's gay!" "Don't be so gay!" "Are you gay or something?" and the classic old chestnut, "get out of my face you raging homo!"

    Pretty unpleasant stuff, but as you suggest, the double standards of the Lib Dems in treating the false and obnoxious comments about Tories from Martin Land as fair comment until proven otherwise, whilst continuing to support Cllr Bourke in office are why people like myself, who as a Conservative is a target of their 'racist homophobes' slur, have such a low opinion of how they do politics.


  2. Good points Chris. Good for Google cache...

    If you had done this the LD's would have had you at the gallows by now.