Thursday, February 18, 2010

Let Them Travel in First…

No. not really.

When MPs say something as silly as Nicholas Winterton did about their need to travel in first class on the trains, you may yearn for the sound of tumbrels but should settle for seeing the back of them at the next election.

As a regular commuter to London in standard class I think first class travel is something that should be purchased and not handed out with the Westminster rations at taxpayers' expense. As for Sir Nicholas, he has done no favours to those of his colleagues whose age brings experience to the House of Commons and whose departure would be a real loss to Parliament.

Also, have you noticed how the ticket collectors (or whatever they’ve been called this year) stand by the First Class carriage on the Liverpool Street to Cambridge/King’s Lynn peak-time services until just before departure time? Of course they could be watching for rogue elements in the cycling community...

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