Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Agreeing with Labour?

It does happen.

The Lib Dems have finally noticed that shops outside of the Grand Arcade/Grafton Centre loop are not doing well. There are questions to be asked about why the City Council’s own promotions, via Love Cambridge etc, have been focussed on this golden patch and not on other deserving areas like King Street, or even getting a better deal for the market traders.


Daniel Zeichner, Labour's parliamentary candidate, said: "The Lib Dems always blame everybody else. They have been running the city for the last decade and they need to take responsibility for what is happening in Cambridge."

Yes, jolly good point Dan.

And Labour have been running the whole country for more than a decade.

Time for you to take responsibility too?

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  1. I think you've identified a powerful blind-spot here. During the debate between the four candidates for Cambridge, Daniel Zeichner's first remark was that they were "four white middle-class meun again". I'm wondering, if he felt so strongly about it, why didn't he step down so that somebody else outside that demographic could step in?

    Also, I'm not much into class classifications, as it were, but I felt he was making the assumption that if somebody is white and, say, running for MP, or part of a panel or otherwise sticking their head above the parapet, they are middle class. When I ran a business from a damp tenement in the East End of Glasgow, my Mum was pleased as punch when I joined the Institute of Directors!