Friday, January 1, 2010

Recycling Stats Heap Shame on City Lib Dems

Conservative Huntingdonshire has extended its lead over Lib Dem Cambridge in the recycling stakes according to the latest statistics.

Despite lots of hot air on global warming being produced at the Guildhall for public consumption, the figures show a different story of how the Lib Dems have let Cambridge lose the race to recycle.

Now, some 57.2 per cent of household waste in Tory Huntingdonshire is for reuse, recycling or composting. This is compared to just 41.2 per cent for Cambridge.

The Tory authority extended its 2001 lead of one per cent to 16 percent today.

Crucially, the Tory council extended its lead by adding 6.4 per cent more households over the last three years compared to a meagre 1.6 per cent for Cambridge - some four times better than the rate achieved by the sanctimonious Lib Dem city councillors who hope to stand for parliament in place of David Howarth.

Councillor Chris Howell on his blog shows up the incompetence of the city’s Lib Dems when it comes to the practical ways of reducing energy consumption. We have to hope that the new recycling system for the city, long advocated by the City Conservatives, can bridge the gap.

The figures show that if you want to go green, you’re better off voting blue.

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