Friday, January 29, 2010

No Jab, No School

In 1998, there were 56 cases of measles in England and Wales. In 2008, there were 1,370.
With the conclusion of the MMR scare started in 1998 - that it was a scare - now is the time to make it clear that children without jabs should not be allowed into state schools. If parents with a voodoo-lifestyle want to home-school their kids, that's fine with me. Just keep the potential plague-bearers away from my children.
Oh, and by the way, where were the courageous journalists always in search of truth? Our media was far too happy to trumpet unquestioningly the scare story and not to search for the science beneath it. It took six years for the fourth estate to come around to questioning this quack, but full marks to The Sunday Times for doing so. If we had relied on the broadcasters, they would probably still be telling us that cholera was caused by bad air.

No jab, No School. Simples.


  1. Hi Richard,

    Are you in favour of evidence-based compulsion as a general principle, or do you think it should be specific to vaccinations?

  2. I remember being taken to a "party" to catch a bug by my Mum, can't remember if it was measles or chickenpox.

  3. Chicken Pox, Frugal Dougal, is what you want to catch young. It gets nastier as you get older.

    Phil, for public health there need to be some basics in place. It's odd that you could have your child sent home for not wearing the right uniform but to allowed stay in school without being immunised against a 'notifiable' disease.