Friday, January 8, 2010

More A14 Obstruction from City Lib Dems

On the same day as the Cambridge Liberal Democrats say they oppose the widening of the A14 because it, “will bring more cars to the city,” the Cambridge News reports earlier this morning, “A foreign lorry’s trailer broke off as it was travelling along the A14 – smashing into a car.”

First, if the Lib Dems get their way, they would build a congestion charge tax wall around the city.

But more realistically, the A14 is a major road connecting the east coast ports to the industrial Midlands.

The number of lorry drivers diverting to view The Backs or go shopping at the Grafton will be minimal. The number of lives lost and people injured because of the delay in upgrading this road is already too high. We need the upgrade now.

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