Monday, January 11, 2010

It’s What They Do Anyway…

Five days late but with a photo of Lib Dems to show, the local paper caught up with the Coleridge Blog about cycling in Cambridge.

The new contra flow cycle signs will permit cyclists to carry on bicycling the wrong way down certain one way streets. The decision to use clearer signs than what Conservative Councillor Chris Howell calls the 'warning, low flying motorbikes' is good news. The new sign uses the usual red disc with a horizontal white bar but with an "Except Cycles" below it.

I know my cycling friends are all in favour, especially the Conservative Councillor for Coleridge, but I am still wary. Will there be a sign at the other end telling motorists, “Cyclist coming right at you”? Especially when so many people are willing to spend hundreds on pounds on the cycle but not bother with a light when they get on it?

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