Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Staff from Go-East, Labour’s quasi-regional government for the East of England, went on a £7,500 away day to Chilford Hall. That's £50 per person. Nice work.
The kicker here was that they were told not to let on to anyone. This is a classic case of marking something ‘secret’ therefore ensuring that everyone reads it. If Go-Spend staff had merely toddled the 11 miles from their own office for this meeting it probably would have slipped public notice as one of the routine wastes of time and money.

As for the content, "to plan for the future, review and improve how we work with and for people in the region", I wonder if abolition was on the agenda?

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  1. This is a tiny fraction of the sums of money (~£300K) being spent on similar events by the "Making Cambridgeshire Count" project - which is all about local bigwigs getting together at expensive away-day type events in the region and talking to each other in gobbledygook of trendy management speak.