Friday, December 18, 2009

Snow and NHS No Shows

The snow across the city brought the usual English responses: surprise it happened; hope of a three-day weekend; delight at not see the markings on the road (like double yellow lines or parking bays) and a real fear that the other road users don’t know what they are doing.

We were expecting two parts of the NHS to pop by to see Catherine: a health visitor and a midwife. The midwife called to say she was sorry she could not make it. That’s fine, we understood, and we arranged a new time and date for her. However, we waited half an hour beyond the appointed time for the health visitor. No show. No message. Nada. After 30 minutes of foot tapping it was time to take the initiative. Only after Stacey chased did we get the call.
The excuse for not ringing us was that there was nobody in the office to help with getting our number…

Not good enough.

The appointment was made on Wednesday. The snow warnings were loud and clear yesterday. Our doctor’s surgery was open today. Why the surprise and why no preparation even as part of the usual pattern of work?

I don’t mind people cancelling things because of the snow. I object to people just not turning up.

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