Thursday, December 17, 2009

Not Quite, White

It’s not unusual for the Guardian to get its facts wrong and Grauniad spelling mistakes are an honourable tradition. However, Michael White’s blog on the Cambridge selection contained two howlers in need of correction.

The first was my name: Normington, not Norrington. Having received letters for
Normanton, Worthington, Nozmington and even - thanks to a bizarre printer problem - Normanator, I am inured to this.

The second was the reason for my departure. There is one contributor to his blog who is on the money…
The other debates in the blogsphere worth reading are on Conservative Home, Tory Bear and Richard Taylor.


  1. I think White's just Tory-baiting - the Grauniad's quite well known for it...

  2. Talking of another sort of white, do you think you could get Copenhagen to send some of that anthropogenic global warming they're going on about over here to melt the snow?

  3. Add another name... "I Norington" had some post today.