Monday, December 7, 2009

Full List of Candidates for the Open Primary

The local assocation website now has the names and short biographies of the candidates...

- Eve Conway- Chamali Fernando- Jane Gould- Mark Higgins- Nick Hillman- Sarah El-Neil

Eve Conway

At a time when the headlines are dominated by the ongoing saga over MPs' expenses, my political priorities are to restore confidence in the integrity of politicians by being a first-class MP who truly represents my constituents.

I am a good communicator with years of extensive media experience, in both television and radio. As a journalist and broadcaster, I am used to putting across issues in a strong way and will be able to use this skill to speak up for constituents in Cambridge. From working as a journalist, I know what concerns people in Britain today - be it social, economic or political - and as an MP, I would actively campaign to bring about change where needed.

I understand issues that affect the Cambridge constituency from time spent working for BBC News locally.

As an MP in Britain, it is important to understand the attitudes and opinions of people of different ages and from different ethnic and religious backgrounds. As President of Redbridge Rotary Club, I presided over one of the most diverse Rotary Clubs in Britain, with members from six different religions.I am actively involved in voluntary and community work and local campaigning and started the Rotary Young Citizen Awards.

Chamali Fernando

Chamali Fernando – “more than just a Cameron cutie!”

A hard-hitting, no nonsense, seasoned doorstep campaigner who may be small but packs a mean punch, is hoping to be your Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Cambridge.

Chamali achieved instant national recognition as the youngest candidate to be shortlisted by a mainstream political party for the role of Mayor of London.

During her eight years of hard graft and notable success as a barrister, her broad legal practice has enabled her to help people in the private, public and corporate sectors.

Chamali, a former resident of Cambridge, passionately believes this city can lead the fight back in changing the fortunes of our nation, through its international reputation for excellence in academia and innovation in business.

Where Chamali has had the single greatest impact in her voluntary activities has been in her frontline role for the Coalition for an International Environmental Court. She has presented to leading political figures on the immediate need to create this court to safeguard the future of our planet.

Outside work, Chamali enjoys amateur dramatics, architecture, cooking, netball and outdoor life.

So when selecting your Conservative PPC for Cambridge, VOTE CHAMALI FERNANDO - your action-packed candidate, determined to become your MP.

Jane Gould

After training at the Royal College of Music, Jane forged her business career as a sales professional in Financial Services and Engineering. She has lived and worked in and around Cambridge for over twenty years.

As Director of Sales, she helped to set up Global Inkjet Systems, part of Cambridge’s internationally renowned Industrial Inkjet cluster.

Jane now focuses 100% on voluntary work and political activity. She is a Job Club founder and Leader and plans to plant another in Cambridge. As Regional Board member on the Government’s Total Place project and Founder Chairman of 50+ Forums, she is an authority on age-related issues.

Jane’s style is to find common ground on which to build campaigns and relationships. She believes in a State which allows change from the grass roots; practical action and common sense. As Bob Walter MP says “Jane’s ability to get things done is second to none”.

Married with an adult daughter, Jane was a working single parent and knows exactly how harsh life can be.

Jane will hold regular meetings around Cambridge, so people can share concerns directly. She will work to improve life wherever she can. In her elusive spare time, she plays flute in her Church band, grabs a round of golf and makes cakes.

Mark Higgins

I am 28, and a barrister of four years’ experience from North London. I was educated at RNIB New college, Worcester and ST John’s College, Oxford where I read law with French. I have been completely blind since birth.

My overriding commitment is to social justice and giving people the tools to succeed. That is why I will jealously guard the reputation of Cambridge as an academic powerhouse and technological pioneer, press for immediate resolution of the student finance difficulties, advocate a reversal of the closure of special schools and work closely with local communities.

I believe little can be achieved if we don’t restore faith in politics, which means more than reforming expenses. It means being more thoughtful about our lawmaking and not enacting rushed measures that so often encroach on our civil liberties, but most importantly treating constituents better. This means voicing the best interests of Cambridge to ensure that, for example, concerns about the A14 or the airport site produce results. In addition, through public meetings and better use of technology I will give constituents greater opportunities to hold me accountable.

Whilst I inevitably won’t always be popular, I will represent Cambridge with dignity, approachability and integrity. That way, I hope to be a candidate of which Cambridge will become proud.

Nick Hillman

Cambridge does not always receive its fair share of national resources. Only last week, it was announced local schools won’t get funding to cover the recent increase in births. So we need a local MP who will fight to put Cambridge’s interests at the heart of the next Government. I have the experience to do that.

I am Chief of Staff to a senior MP at Westminster and specialise in university policy. Previously, I worked for pension companies and, before that, I spent five years as a History teacher.

I have worked in local schools, including Hills Road Sixth Form College, so I know the needs of young people and public sector staff. I have lived on King Street, and I cycle, drive and use public transport, so I understand local transport pressures. I was once the victim of an unprovoked assault in the city, so I will tackle anti-social behaviour and work for safer streets.

It is because Cambridge is our favourite place that my wife and I held our wedding reception here earlier this year, and we will move here later this month.

I pledge to fight a clean campaign on policies, not personalities.

Please visit

Sarah El-Neil

As a longstanding resident of Cambridge, my association with our City is from very early childhood. I have travelled widely and speak three languages.

My campaigns in the local City Council elections, and my role as Chairman of Cambridge City Conservative Association have given me a thorough grounding in the issues of fellow residents. The good contacts that I have fostered in the County and City Councils would help me to pursue effectively any matters that are raised with me.

After working for many years at Addenbrookes’ Hospital, I am now a practising Consultant Paediatrician. The needs of Health Service staff, and other Key Workers, are of particular interest to me.

My links with local Universities and their student bodies, provide me with useful insights into their needs and concerns. I recently participated in a public “Question Time”-style panel on the Copenhagen Treaty and Climate Change.

My children and I are constantly looking to reduce our Carbon footprint. Fundraising for local charities and school based teaching are very rewarding aspects of my voluntary community work. My hobbies include Jazz and Blues singing, and Amateur Dramatics. It would be a great honour to be selected as your Prospective Parliamentary Candidate.


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