Saturday, December 5, 2009

First Runner for the Primary

The first out of the gates, who is going at quite a pace, is Nick Hillman. He has a website and is already attending local events. Nick’s personal statement is:

"I am hoping to be the Conservative candidate for Cambridge in the 2010 general election.

My main political priorities are:

improving transport
tackling crime and anti-social behaviour
spreading educational opportunities
reducing poverty

I have lived, worked and studied in Cambridge, and my wife and I held our wedding reception in the heart of the city in February 2009.

I currently live and work in London but we have pledged to make our home in Cambridge before the end of this month if I am selected. We can move to the city before the end of the year as we are currently renting from friends."

Thanks Nick, there's more on the site for those attending the open primary on 12th December to read. I will publish the other websites or biographies as they come out... If you are running then let me know!

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