Monday, December 28, 2009

Closed on Mondays?!

Yes, you can still find signs on businesses saying that they are ‘Closed on Mondays’ or ‘Closed for Lunch’ during a normal week. You find them in Cambridge.

I was supposed to go a particular pub tonight and found it was ‘Closed on Mondays.’ So it’s a dinner at the Kingston Arms instead.

Earlier, trying to post a parcel in the run up to Christmas at two local post offices, I found both were shut for lunch. You have to ask what was the point in campaigning for post offices to stay open when they close for one of the most important parts of the day, at a time when other people are most likely to be able to get out of their workplaces?

I believe that owners have the right to set their own business hours. However, if they set hours that inconvenience customers, they are in no position to complain if business is down.


  1. Since when did businesses do things for the convenience of customers ? This is the UK !

    Alan Douglas

  2. My favourite is the Coop Pharmacy on Mill Road. At least 4-5 staff are in there every day but for some reason they all take their lunch at the same time and close the shop! And they close all day Sunday too!

    Perhaps a company like Boots will open on Mill Road to give us a better service (and then everyone can moan about that instead).

  3. At 4 o'clock this afternoon I tried to send a letter by recorded delivery. All 4 post offices I tried were closed, including the central post office on St Andrews Street and the head office in Clifton Road. I know its New Years Eve but IT'S A NORMAL WORKING DAY!!!!