Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Primark brings Prime Customers to Cambridge

The newly opened Primark has been greeted by a few curmudgeonly, ‘ethical’ protestors and a lot of happy pre-Christmas shoppers.

The Cambridge News reported there was, “a massive spin-off for other shops in The Grafton and streets close by, with an overall 41 per cent increase in footfall recorded.”

This is a timely reminder to our local planners that city centre shopping is more than just the Grand Arcade.


  1. The "ethical" protestors are ignoring the bigger picture of what would happen to people making these garments if Primark stopped buying from the factories they worked in?

  2. 'Ignoring the bigger picture', my aunt!

    How about this for a bigger picture: if the kids who harvest the cotton in Uzbeck didn't have to work in the fields, they could maybe go to school instead?


  3. Since the revelations in 2008, this particular company, “has doubled the number of audits across the factories which supply it, appointed a Director of Ethical Trade, appointed additional ethical trade managers in region, trained its buyers, senior personnel and suppliers in ethical trading, begun projects with two NGOs, and implemented a new online audit management system.” This is something to be welcomed, not protested.

    There is a wider issue. We must convince the governments of the countries concerned that it is better for the state to provide an education for these children than to allow them to be (ab)used as cheap labour. Also, if they have legislation, as many of them do,they should enforce it.